CVLondon is a career development service established in 2010 by Jerry Frempong and his team of CV Writers. They assist jobseekers in creating effective CVs, covering letters, and providing interview coaching sessions. Their approach focuses on empowering clients to succeed in their careers regardless of background or experience. Jerry’s expertise and personability have earned him a diverse client base, including CEOs, graduates, government officials, and more. CVLondon emphasizes the importance of well-written CVs and work experience when securing interviews. They offer appointment bookings and deliver monthly career-related information.

  • Is CVLondon worth it?
    • CVLondon offers personalized professional CV writing, a 6-month online support policy, and same-day service for urgent CV requirements.
    • They address various topics in their FAQs, ensuring transparency and customer satisfaction.
    • However, CVLondon does not guarantee job interviews solely based on the new CV.
  • Is CVLondon legit?
    • CVLondon provides appointments for CV writing and interview skills training services.
    • They ensure the security of customers’ information on their website.
  • Is CVLondon good?
    • CVLondon’s FAQs cover essential aspects of their CV writing service, such as operation duration, CV writers, industry specializations, and more.
    • They offer personalized professional CV writing and cater to customers beyond London or the UK.
  • Does Purple CV provide refunds?
    • Yes, CV London offers refunds under certain circumstances. Refunds can be issued within 14 days of purchase, as stated in their cancellation and refund policy.
  • Can CVLondon guarantee me an interview with their CV?
    • CVLondon does not guarantee job interviews solely based on the new CV, as mentioned in their FAQs. Their focus is on enhancing the CV’s quality and providing support during the job search process.



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