company provides a simple range of CV writing services. If you need help with editing and formatting your CV, they have documents to suit your needs. You can also spend a small amount of money in their Perfect CV writing toolkit, which highlights the key improvements you can make to boost your job opportunities.

Important facts to review

  • CV writers provide a free CV review, which can give you an indication of where you’re making mistakes, if you don’t want to pay for a CV writing service.
  • CV writers claim that over 80 per cent of its clients receive an interview offer within eight weeks. Although we saw better chances elsewhere, that is pretty good.
  • You could look into their CV writing toolkit and build your CV on their platform for just £10
  • The site has a blog with a series of helpful posts which are worth checking out. Packages and Prices Review

The selection of services provided is very small, with no options to assist you with the preparation of interviews or other documents (besides cover letters). CV Writers do, however, provide an editing service that reworks the current CV, which is provided by not too many other CV writing services. It also feels a little pricey at £80.

For around £ 140, students and graduates can buy a suitable CV for entering the job market, but immediate impression CVs (which come with a consultation) cost the most, at £ 210. We usually expect a consultation as a standard for the amount of money being paid, so we can not help feeling that students are getting a bit of a raw deal.


Immediate impression CV

Immediate impression mini CV Comprehensive CV(with consultation) Graduate CV

CV only


£160 £330 £140

CV and Linkedin profile

£280 £230 £395


CV and cover letter £255 £205 £375


CV, Linkedin and cover letter £320 £270 £440


The average time from consultation to first draft is five days, and they include edits on the first draft. You have the opportunity to provide feedback on your document, which will enable the writer to develop in the future.


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